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Welcome to Clipping FX and lots of thanks for visiting our web pages and choosing the service. We describe complete terms and conditions on the page according to our business policy. Before ordering should be read our rules and our privacy policy is most important for any client. If you do not read yet the privacy policy page please check the link https://www.clippingfx.com/privacy-policy/

Copyright Notice:

The website and its content are copyright of clippingfx.com all rights reserved.

  • You don’t use our content and images on your website or personal blog without credit.
  • May you print out content for getting some resource and noncommercial uses.

Account and Security:

As a user, you should be created an account at clippingfx.com and we get some information about you. For in the future serious issue you should legal info. Your account password is only for you and your company. Please do not send your password in any other 3rd parties, it’s unlawful. As a result, you have to take responsibility for anything that happens.

Client Verifications:

Client verifications are the most important issue to Clipping FX. If you take any service we need your verifications. Before your final order sends your vital document about you and your company. We have not accepted any order without verify because we face some invalid client and at the time the fake client is full of area.

Free Trial:

We are accepted free trial before your final job. After creating your account you can send your free trial job to test our work quality. We have accepted a maximum of 5 images for test work. If you choose our work then you send your final order.

Product Submission:

After confirming your order you can send your images or product. You use mail attachment for small files and big projects you can use Dropbox, WeTransfer, FTP, Myairbridge, and other file transfer software.  After doing your job we transfer your files by the same software.

Prohibits Order:

Clipping FX very strictly avoided pornography and inhumane photo projects.

Work Quality:

Clipping FX ensures your quality. we do not compromise our work quality, price is doesn’t matter if we need too much time.  We have a special team for separate work and have 3 steps, quality controllers.  We make unlimited corrections for any client.


After completing your project we will deliver your products. The client can give us their deadline and we are delivered their images before the deadline. We serve your work Urgent, Super urgent, and normal deadline it depends on our client.

Revision Policy:

Our revision is completely free and unlimited. You can revision your images 3 times in a single day but until your satisfaction, we are doing it.

Affordable Price:

We offered our clients affordable and competitive prices. We provide our service at too much low rate than other photo editing companies. Our starting price 0.39 USD for deep etching and if you have the bulk project we are discount a noticeable price. Price low but we do not compromise our quality.

Payment Method:

We have accepted only the US dollar from any country. We accept various online money transfer methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, Visa, Master Card, Bank transfer, wire transfer, 2checkout, etc. But PayPal OR Wise is a preferable method for us.


We have a monthly and weekly payment package system. If you are a regular client at Clipping FX you will be a payment after complete a month.

Refund System:

So far we have not had to return the money to our honorable client. We will do your unlimited revision until your One hundred percent satisfaction’. This does not usually happen in our company. Although it is a super serious issue we will refund your money within 30 days after your appeal.

Cancellation and Termination:

If you cancel your user account or terminate your business relationship please inform us before 15 days. A business relationship is not mandatory for any type of client. When deleting your user account we will delete your all document from our server. We have no liability after deleting your user account.


Our customer support is 24 hours open via Email and it’s too much preferable. You can contact us with Email, Skype, Phone, Facebook, Twitter, Web massage, Whatsapp, and other related media. We are a quick response in email. Our support team is very responsive and liable. If you have any questions about our contact issue please inform us: [email protected]

Changes Terms and Conditions:

Clipping FX will be updating its terms and conditions at any time. We change our terms and conditions to serve better quality. So keep following our updated blog post and our notice. We have no accountability for our client to change our policy.

Website disclaimer:

All terms and conditions written by clippingfx.com. We have no responsibility if our client violates the rules and we have no liability out the terms and conditions.


If you have any more questions please contact our CF support team.

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